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Motor Racing Programme Covers

October 2017 Additions and Updates

Hockenheimring Programmes (31/10/2017)

Hockenheimring, 14/06/1959

Thanks to Vincent Goffin for sharing eight historic complete programmes from Hockenheimring. All are motor cycle programmes and include the German Grand Prix of 1957, won by eventual 500cc World Champion Libero Liberati, and the German Grand Prix of 1959, won by John Surtees, winner of every other race as well that season, and of course both the 350cc and 500cc World Championships. Vincent has also shared these programmes with Dave's Programmes and Photographs, a useful website with a lot of complete motor cycle programmes for download, and, as the title suggests, photos!

Influx of American Programme Covers (31/10/2017)

West Michigan Sand Dragway, 2002

Terry Lynch got in touch with some exciting news: he has a very large collection of programmes and is keen to share it! Terry has kicked things off with a bunch of drag racing (and other) covers from a number of new track listings, including two sand dragways (Silver Lake and West Michigan). Unless I have forgotten some, they are only the second and third sand racing covers on the website, after Ashley Barnard sent one in last October, from Millbrook Beach on the island of Jersey. Perhaps more of an oddity though is the Mosport Snowmobile Races cover Kim Kenny sent in earlier in the month!


With thanks to


With thanks to

  • John Lehmann (1 cover)
  • Marcel Heijink (2 covers)
  • Osvaldo de Oliveira Jr (2 covers)
  • Terry Lynch (1 cover)
  • Vincent Goffin (4 covers)