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Motor Racing Programme Covers

January 2018 Additions and Updates

All Sorts of Covers (31/01/2018)

Daytona International Speedway, 28/01/2018

Thanks to both Jay Bonvouloir and John Lehmann for the 2018 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona programme cover; Jochen Bangert for programme covers from the 2017 Donau Classic rally and Audi Museum Mobile museum in Ingolstadt; Paul Clarke for a dozen FIA GT Championship yearbook covers, and Le Mans Series yearbook covers 2004 – 2010; Peter Tipping for updated Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival programme covers, and a Brooklands Centenary Festival leaflet added to Car Shows and Concours; and thanks to Vincent Goffin for Bourg en Bresse motorcycle covers from the 1970s.

Book Covers (26/01/2018)

World Sports Car Racing, 1993

Thanks to Ashley Barnard for book covers of Jenson Button's autobiography and the first authorised biography of Stirling Moss, by Robert Edwards; and thanks to Paul Clarke for the complete set of covers of a short-lived series on World Sportscar Racing.

Programme Covers and Le Mans Yearbooks (25/01/2018)

Nogaro, 10/09/2017

Thanks to Paul Clarke for the programme cover of the 2017 Blancpain GT Series season finale at Catalunya, covers from Nogaro and Paul Ricard, and Le Mans yearbooks from 2004 to 2017, adding to those he sent some time ago.

Japanese Programme Covers (23/01/2018)

Suzuka Circuit, 21/05/2006

Thanks to Daiki Saito for his latest batch of new and updated Japanese programme covers, including nine Japanese Formula Racing and Japanese Sportscar Racing gap-fillers.

Programme Covers and Posters (22/01/2018)

Sitges, 20/05/1909

Thanks to Jochen Bangert for rally covers of the 1990, '91, '95, and 2010 2000 km durch Deutschland; Glenn Atterton for motorcycle covers from Carnaby Raceway and Oulton Park Circuit; and to Stuart Middlemiss for both the programme and poster of the 1909 Copa Catalunya held on the Sitges-Terramar circuit.

New and Updated Covers (21/01/2018)

Jantzen Beach Arena, 22/05/1960

Thanks to Terry Lynch for more programme covers from oval tracks in North America, and to Wolfgang Neumayer for a new cover from Hindelang Hill Climb and lots of updated covers, mostly from Europe, all from 1984.

Saugus Speedway Programmes (20/01/2018)

Saugus Speedway, 01/04/1989

Following on nicely from yesterday's update, thanks to John Lehmann for a handful of Saugus Speedway programme covers from the late 1980s and early 90s. Thanks also to Wolfgang Neumayer for a few updated Formula 1 covers.

Speedways of the Past and Present (19/01/2018)

Boston Garden, 25/07/1937

Thanks to Terry Lynch for another interesting selection of covers from speedways in Australia, Canada, and United States.

New and Updated Covers (17/01/2018)

PPL Center, 06/01/2018

Thank you to Jochen Bangert for autocross, motocross, and kart covers from Reutlingen, years 1973 and '74; and thanks to John Lehmann for the TQ Midgets indoor race at PPL Center held on the first Saturday of the new year, and updated Gilles Villeneuve Circuit and Long Beach Street Circuit Formula 1 programme covers from the 1980s.

The 2018 Legends of Bathurst (16/01/2018)

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, 14/01/2018

Thanks to Ray Green for the first 2018 programme cover of the year, from last weekend's Legends of Bathurst at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park in New Zealand.

Road Racing and Speedway Programme Covers (15/01/2018)

Bristol Motor Speedway, 02/11/1975

Thanks to Cliff Price for a number of Colerne Airfield covers I missed from earlier updates; Jochen Bangert for Neuffen Hill Climb covers from 1975 and '77, and Reutlingen motocross covers from 1975 and '77; John Lehmann for an updated 1970 Canadian-American Challenge Cup cover from Road Atlanta, the 2017 Monterey Grand Prix at Laguna Seca Raceway, and 2017 World Challenge Media Guides from Lime Rock Park and Long Beach Street Circuit; Terry Lynch for twenty or so covers from speedways in Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States, several of which are new track listings; and Tony Slattery for a cover from new track listing Morgan Park Raceway in Queensland.

British Superbike Championship (14/01/2018)

Donington Park, 31/03/1996

The recent influx of motorcycle covers has prompted the creation of a new section for British Superbike Championship Programmes, the first two-wheeled series to be represented. Thanks again to Cliff!

Motorcycle Programme Covers (13/01/2018)

Brands Hatch Circuit, 27/03/1970

Thanks to Cliff Price for more than 150 new and updated motorcycle covers from the 1960s and '70s. This is the final batch of cover scans of his vast programme collection.

Forty Years Ago (11/01/2018)

Riverside International Raceway, 12/11/1978

It's a funny coincidence that all the covers received since last update happen to be from 1978, and not only that, but two of them are the very same date! Thanks to Jochen Bangert for autocross and kart covers from Reutlingen, a motocross cover from Gaildorf, and a Neuffen Hill Climb cover; John Lehmann for one of the few remaining Riverside International Raceway covers; and to Tony Slattery for another from Lakeside International Raceway.

Three Covers from Germany (10/01/2018)

Neuffen Hill Climb, 18/09/1976

Thanks to Jochen Bangert for a few more new covers: Frickenhausen motocross and Reutlingen autocross covers from 1979, and a Neuffen Hill Climb cover from 1976.

Motorcycle Covers from the 1980s (08/01/2018)

Brands Hatch Circuit, 05/04/1985

Thanks to Cliff Price for more than 300 new and updated 1980s motorcycle programme covers. That leaves "only" 100 or so from Cliff's collection to add another day…

German and North American Covers (07/01/2018)

Canandaigua Motorsports Park, 1978

Thanks to Jochen Bangert for a Hockenheimring motorcycle programme cover and German kart, motocross, and autocross covers from 1980. Thanks as well to Terry Lynch for a number of covers from North American speedways, and the 2002 Rim of the World rally cover.

Covers from Queensland (06/01/2018)

Queensland Raceway, 25/07/2004

Thanks to Tony Slattery for more than twenty new programme covers from Lakeside International Raceway and Queensland Raceway in Australia, two of which can also be found on the Karting page. Some are more colourful than others!

Japanese Programme Covers (05/01/2018)

Autopolis, 18/10/2009

Thanks to Tatsuya Morikawa for his latest batch of Japanese programme covers (bar two from Long Beach Street Circuit). Some new, some updated. Of the new, three are Japanese Formula Racing gap-fillers, two complete the 2009 Super GT Series, and one is a kart cover — the inaugural CIK/FIA World Cup, held on the South Course at Suzuka Circuit.

New and Updated Programme Covers (04/01/2018)

San Antonio Street Circuit, 06/09/1987

Thanks to Jochen Bangert for Biberach and Frickenhausen motocross covers and a Reutlingen kart cover, all from 1981; John Lehmann for the most recent race currently featured, the Dirt Nationals at new track listing The Dome at America's Center; Keith Heeney for motorcycle covers from Carnaby Raceway and Oliver's Mount Circuit; Martin Spetz for the 2017 Classic 24 Hour at Daytona cover, and updated cover scans from Lime Rock Park, Phoenix International Raceway, and Portland International Raceway; and to Terry Lynch for an updated cover from San Diego Del Mar Fairgrounds, and new covers from Ascot Park, Salina Municipal Airport, new track listings Ainsdale Sands and Spokane Street Circuit, and the inaugural Nissan Grand Prix of San Antonio, in 1987.

Hundreds of Motorcycle Covers (02/01/2018)

Mallory Park Circuit, 22/03/1992

Thanks to Cliff Price for tirelessly scanning the covers of his collection of motorcycle programmes over the festive period. Here's upwards of 700 new and updated programme covers from the 1990s and 2000s. There's many more to come in forthcoming updates!



Aberdare Park, 20/07/1991

Aberdare Park, 1991


Aberdare Park, 18/07/1992

Aberdare Park, 1992


Aberdare Park, 18/07/1993

Aberdare Park, 1993


Aberdare Park, 17/07/1994

Aberdare Park, 1994


Aberdare Park, 16/07/1995

Aberdare Park, 1995


Aberdare Park, 14/07/1996

Aberdare Park, 1996


Aberdare Park, 13/07/1997

Aberdare Park, 1997


Aberdare Park, 26/07/1998

Aberdare Park, 1998


Aberdare Park, 25/07/1999

Aberdare Park, 1999


Aberdare Park, 23/07/2000

Aberdare Park, 2000


Aberdare Park, 22/07/2001

Aberdare Park, 2001


Aberdare Park, 21/07/2002

Aberdare Park, 2002


Evergem, 11/08/2002

Evergem, 2002


Evergem, 04/05/2003

Evergem, 2003


Evergem, 01/08/2004

Evergem, 2004


Evergem, 29/05/2005

Evergem, 2005


Gedinne, 17/08/2003

Gedinne, 2003


Guia Circuit, 22/11/1998

Guia Circuit, 1998


Huy, 06/04/1997

Huy, 1997


Oostende, 04/06/2000

Oostende, 2000


Oostende, 10/06/2001

Oostende, 2001


Oostende, 02/06/2002

Oostende, 2002


Oostende, 01/06/2003

Oostende, 2003


Oostende, 06/06/2004

Oostende, 2004


Oostende, 05/06/2005

Oostende, 2005


Oss, 31/05/2004

Oss, 2004

With thanks to

  • Cliff Price (1122 covers)
  • Daiki Saito (18 covers)
  • Glenn Atterton (2 covers)
  • Jochen Bangert (5 covers)
  • John Lehmann (11 covers)
  • Keith Heeney (3 covers)
  • Martin Spetz (1 cover)
  • Paul Clarke (4 covers)
  • Ray Green (1 cover)
  • Stuart Middlemiss (1 cover)
  • Tatsuya Morikawa (21 covers)
  • Terry Lynch (78 covers)
  • Tony Slattery (26 covers)
  • Vincent Goffin (2 covers)
  • Wolfgang Neumayer of Formel 3 Guide (1 cover)



Erding, 08/07/1984

Erding, 1984


Estoril, 21/10/1984

Estoril, 1984


Guia Circuit, 18/11/1984

Guia Circuit, 1984


Hockenheimring, 29/04/1984

Hockenheimring, 1984


Hockenheimring, 24/06/1984

Hockenheimring, 1984


Hockenheimring, 05/08/1984

Hockenheimring, 1984


Hockenheimring, 06/10/1984

Hockenheimring, 1984


Hockenheimring, 10/11/1984

Hockenheimring, 1984


Hockenheimring, 02/12/1984

Hockenheimring, 1984


Kaufbeuren, 03/06/1984

Kaufbeuren, 1984


Monaco, 03/06/1984

Monaco, 1984


Nürburgring, 17/06/1984

Nürburgring, 1984


Nürburgring, 22/07/1984

Nürburgring, 1984


Nürburgring, 23/09/1984

Nürburgring, 1984


Nürburgring, 07/10/1984

Nürburgring, 1984


Salzburgring, 26/08/1984

Salzburgring, 1984


Zandvoort, 26/08/1984

Zandvoort, 1984


Zolder, 11/03/1984

Zolder, 1984


Zolder, 15/04/1984

Zolder, 1984


Zolder, 29/04/1984

Zolder, 1984


Zolder, 19/08/1984

Zolder, 1984


Zolder, 21/10/1984

Zolder, 1984


Albert Park, 04/03/2001

Albert Park, 2001


Monaco, 29/05/2011

Monaco, 2011


Nürburgring, 01/10/1995

Nürburgring, 1995


Road Atlanta, 13/09/1970

Road Atlanta, 1970

With thanks to