The Programme Covers Project

Kitsap County Airfield, 31/07/1955Oliver's Mount Circuit, 19/09/1953Orange County Fair Speedway (NY), 05/09/1985Oswego Speedway, 11/07/2009Talladega Superspeedway, 02/05/1982

The Motor Racing Programme Covers site is vast, spanning over a century of automobile history and artistic styles worldwide. Since conception it has expanded to include posters, tickets, and other related memorabilia.

Dayton, 18/07/1976Madison (Indiana), 02/10/1960Madison (Indiana), 02/07/1989Miami, 05/06/1988Tri-Cities, 27/07/1997

On a smaller scale, the Hydroplane Programme Covers site is its water-borne equivalent. Besides a library of covers it also has well written and illustrated history and facts sections.